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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Yeji yun

Taemo Shin

Benjamin Phillips

Olimpia Zagnoli

Olimpia is a very special lady and a very talented illustrator.
She lives in Milano.

Take a look at her work here

OZ was born in 1984.
OZ is a bambino incognito.
OZ loves Picasso and the Ramones.
OZ eat peanuts and pop corns.
OZ's favorite color is grey.
OZ works as an illustrator.
OZ drives a Panda Fiat badly.
OZ would like to become a rockstar.

Thursday, 8 October 2009



Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!


A lot to take home from the Allotment!


I tip my hat off to Anika and Lynn for hosting such a wonderful thing last night at the Allotment! Downstairs, the Betsey Trotwood was filled to the brim with wonders, comics,music and CAKE galore!

The lovely duo are planning their next gathering for November - if you're out and about be sure to come on down!

In the meantime, pay 'em a visit here -

and visit their sites :

Lynn -

Anika -


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Truly the happiest record my ears have heard in a while!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Pinder comes to town!


Two of Nikki Pinder's lovely pieces will be on display at for the next few weeks at :

The Crypt
St Pancras Parish Church
Euston Road

Entrance to the Crypt Galleries from Duke's Road

the gallery is open Tuesday-Sunday 12-6pm and it's free to look around!

her artwork is lovely!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Alvin Band

listen up!

Rick sing,plays,paints and it part of Miniature Tigers too...

a busy brain indeed!

Magic Magic are MAGIC MAGIC


i know they've been up on brain bulletin before but this won't be the last time either,


Lois writes about the Flyers

Have a read about the Treetop Flyers here, if you haven't given the fellows a listen already

Reid Morrison’s gentle, yearning voice opens this timeless gem of an EP as he introduces the troubled protagonist of ‘Mountain Song’, before raw guitar and subtle harmonies melt into the beautifully crafted tale, and rather than burying the past, this London-based band marrying minds from both sides of the Atlantic effortlessly transport you to a different musical time and place entirely.

With comparisons to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young rife, if not undeserved, and Fleet Foxes already reminding the masses of the gut-wrenching potential of beautiful harmonies, Treetop Flyers must offer something distinct to truly merit the gushing praise I’m aching to give them. And they do, in rusty bucket loads, with each and every song; especially the intriguing blend of ‘Is It All Worth It?’ where Dylanesque guitars usher in almost nonchalant vocals that feel oddly influenced by recent British guitar bands, before those hushed harmonies sweep over you yet again.

From the retro guitar licks of ‘Rose Is In The Yard’ to the grand closer ‘It’s About Time’ ‘To Bury the Past’ is instantly familiar, never derivative, and impossible to tire of. Put simply: the more I hear of Treetop Flyers, the more excited I get.

Words by Lois Jeary

Taken from For Folk's Sake

Listen up! :

The Allotment

Two top brains, Anika and Lynn, are putting on a top evening for ears and brains alike!

Be sure to pop down!!

They also both run wonderful sites, spreading the word of their favourite music and goings-on!

yay! (Anika, also writes wonderful, wonderful comics!)


hats off to the ladies!


During the ride home last night, Joe talked about a beautiful film his dear friend, Scott has made and will be screening next month.

It's called 'MAKE' and follows the lives of 4 self-taught American artists ; Prophet Royal Robertson, Judith Scott, Ike Morgan and Hawkins Bolden.

have a look and a read and watch the trailer here:

The screening will be on October 16th at the Museum of Everything.

it should be a very special evening!

Dan Michaelson & The Coastguards

have you heard?

do you know?

Dan Michaelson & The Coastguards

I had never heard of them before taking at a seat in the Union Chapel last week for Transgressive's 5th Birthday show.

The whole evening was a real treat for the ears, alongside the Coastguards were Jeremy Warmsley, Mechanical Bride, Graham Coxon and Johnny Flynn.

if you haven't given them all a listen already, do so here :- (my favourite is 'I was a Gentleman')

Hats off to Transgressive!

Monday, 21 September 2009


Hello hello!

Hello hello!

If you're a free bird tomorrow evening (september 22nd) and in the mood for fun - come on down to the Wilmington Arms...


Extra-ordinary brain/comedian/musician Dave Hill is visiting from New York this week and will be performing at the Wilmington Arms at 8pm

see some Hill activity here :-

it'll be splendid!!

Thank you to every soul that came and listened at The Fat Fox in Southsea on saturday, it was one of the best evenings experienced by the Ark!

A xo

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Whispertown - population 2000


I hope a lovely bank holiday was spent...

Here is part one of an interview with Whispertown 2000 - be sure to give 'em a listen if you haven't already!

Alessi: Hello! I hope you’re comfortable wherever you are. Are you sitting or standing at the moment?

WT2000: Tod’s on his 28th hour of driving, sitting comfortably, Casey’s sitting shotgun, not that comfortably with his new accordian, Vanessa’s very comfortable in the back with her blankets skanky baby and christmas felice, drinking a real man’s redbull and I am comfortable, yes, thank you.

How has your summer been?

WT2000: We’ve spent most of this summer traveling all over the world, having a great time playing music. The few weeks we were home, Casey’s was surfing, Tod was touring with Maria Taylor and Azure Ray, Vanesa was befriending international babes and I was swimming.

Your album is one of my favourites. Do you have a favourite song on there?

WT2000: Thank you, Alessi! We love your music and also your personality. Our current favorite is ‘Done With Love’.

The lyrics are especially special and cover all sorts of ground. Is there a time in particular that words come to you? Do they come on the move, in your car, while you’re cooking?

WT2000: Vanesa says “the lyrics come to me through morgan”. The lyrics often come while I’m driving. Mostly in the moments I have to myself without distraction. And like most things, often when I least expect them. These moments are revealing.

Do you think your album has a smell? My nose picks up on trees, vanilla, sea water and sunscreen. Am I close?

WT2000: Yes, you’ve hit it on the nose. Those nice scents in addtion to patchouli, chili, starburstand coconut water. Casey only likes your choices and disagrees with the rest of us..

How did you meet up and start playing together?

WT2000: We met at Uni. You know, at Oxford. Nahh, we met through friends and turned to family.

What is your favourite dessert?

WT2000: Vaness loves creme brule. The Caseman loves pumpkin pie. I love berries the most and Tod more enjoys a savory variety.

How does one visit Whispertown? By plane, train or automobile?

WT2000: By submarine rocketship hovercraft… or rollerblades.

Is the population 2000?

WT2000: Yes. 2000 strong and growing.

What are you doing for the rest of the day?

WT2000: With any luck we’ll make it back to LA! Our last show with The Breeders was in Ohio.. we’ve been driving for days straight! Vanessa says she’ll be staying up late since she just drank a real man’s Red Bull.

hope you had fun reading!

Part two will be up tomorrow here and on


Monday, 24 August 2009

Chiswick - stick to it!

Dada is very nice shop filled to the brim with cds/films/vinyl and other bits and bobs, the staff are kind and the windows are covered with a lovely red sticker pattern so when sun pours in, red shapes are reflected around the shop

if you find yourself in Chiswick, make a pitstop!

the nearest tube stop is Chiswick Park (district line)

and down the road, headed towards Hammersmith is another golden find....Outsider Tart!

It's a wonderful bakery/cafe/artspace run by two american friends that love baking - - - go go go!

they have a few stands in other spots (see below) but Chiswick is home to their own very Tart

83 Chiswick High Road
London W4 2EF

you can find everything from pies to cakes to cupcakes to dog treats and you can order cakes for special occasions too!

every Saturday at Richmond Farmers Market
Heron Square, London TW9
Time: 11am - 3pm

every Sunday at Chiswick Farmers Market
Dukes Meadows, Chiswick W4
Time: 10am - 2pm

every Friday at Putney Market
Time: 11am - 6pm

Monday-Friday at Outsider Tart Kitchens
Time: Friday 8am - 3pm
18 Bateman Street, Soho

Saturday at Barnes Farmers Market
Station Road, Barnes SW13 0LW

Something mystical...

i well and truly do recommend this blog! yes!!!

Matthew Orr was noted here a little while ago but i'm back giving Porch of the Mystics another nudge - an extra big one! go take a read (and a listen - weekly mixes are posted for your ears!)


Down by the river...

It's taken a silly amount of time for a note to be posted about the opening at the Riverside...sorry! But here are some pictures taken kindly, by Velvet Sneaker member, John Williams!

Thank you to every bean that came down and to wise Owl Lynden for piecing it all together!

The drawings will be up for a few more weeks than planned so take a closer peek if you're ever in Hammersmith!

Riverside Studios is on Crisp Road,

Monday, 10 August 2009

for you

sharon van etten

fill 'yer ears!!

two mighty fine shows!

Tonight (aug 10th) :-

She Keeps Bee - Pure Groove, 7:30pm - FREE!

Friday - (aug 14th) :-

Forest Fires - The Luminaire

handmade by Leah Hayes.

with Broadcast 2000 & Stornaway

Friday, 7 August 2009

The 405

sing! sing! the sunshine's coming!

thank you Oliver!

thank you for being there and be there again soon!

It was such a treat sharing the drawings with friends,family & listeners alike at Riverside Studios...the drawings will be up till september 5th, so if you find yourself in Hammersmith, do come in and have a look!

keep well!


Fire spreads fast...

but this is a safe, beautiful sort of fire that you'd want to spread rather speedily...

They'll be playing at The Luminaire on august 14th!

come on down!


Friday, 31 July 2009

if you're free and would like some nature...

if you're free on Sunday, August 9th from midday til dusk...

HungaMunga are hosting a day of acoustic music and natural arts and crafts in the East Reservoir Community Garden,

Live music will be played in the Bird Hide to help raise some money for this lovely wildlife centre. There'll also be drawing, painting, clay-modelling and collage-making, birdbox-making, pond-life drawing and the construction of a wildlife habitat wall.

There'll also be food and non-alcoholic drinks available but if you prefer your own treats, they're welcome too!

I'll be playing at around 5pm and other folks playing are ; Tristram, Brody and Quint, Off Ground Touch, Rebecca Jade, Kari Kleiv and Joe Buzfuz...

numbers will be limited to 50 places and can be booked in advance for £6 from here :-

The music will start at around 2pm and it'll be open from 12 and will go on till it gets too dark

We must be respectful of the wildlife and leave the place as we found no smoking and be sure to pick up your rubbish

All profits from this event will go to the London Wildlife Trust

it should be a lovely day!

start your day well! for the soul!

This is Erika of Heartless Bastards singing 'The Mountain' in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Ms Karen Dalton

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

What Lois did next...

there is nothing this young lady cannot do!


real, honest music and it's local!!!

Treetop Flyers "Roses In The Yard" from Rita Comi on Vimeo.

be sure to catch Treetop Flyers at one of their upcoming shows

4th August - Notting Hill Arts Club
9th August - Lock Tavern

...their beautiful debut e.p will be out next month!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

are you looking for presents? looking for jewels?

Have a look here! handmade goods for you and you!!

and recommended by Miss Twit

'Bonbi Forest is a wonderful and eccentric little shop with many sweet and quirky little treats, from trees with wheels and cross stitch necklases - there's deffinantly something to put a warm and loving smile apon your face.'

Friday, 3 July 2009

The Line of Best Fit!!!

thank you to Rich for giving me a prod to write!!

and to Anika for existing and getting out her pens!!


May Eye recommend Magpie?


Monday, 22 June 2009

Treetop Flyers

Their songs are lovely,


fill your precious ears!!

if you're around...


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

if you're free!

come on down!

VOICE(S) - a Non-fiction collective

If you'd like to be a part of Issue 1 of Voices - reach out!!

Guidelines laid down by their site:

Submissions should be sent here:

If you'd like to submit written work, try to keep it under 2,000 words, and a .doc file is best.

If it's photography, images should be about 5x7 at 300 dpi, and a .jpg file is best for these.

Also: black and white images only!

NO double dipping! VOICE(S) would like original pieces that haven't found a home in another publication.

If you'd like to read or order a copy of VOICES, drop by

2226 E. 4th St.
Long Beach CA, 90814

Shea and Sé are two of the most magic people of all and they keep {open} living, filling it with books, zines,music, a gallery and treats galore!!

Art in Echo Park

Roman Title IV Plain Jane
By Mark A. Rodriguez
June 13 - July 12

If you're out and about in Los Angeles, be sure to swing by Rodriquez's new exhibition!

find his work here :

Hope Gallery (formerly Show Pony)
1547 Echo Park Ave

'Roman Title IV Plain Jane' is centered around the idea of constructions, Mark A. Rodriguez employing a variety of medias, from an architectural model sculpture of the stage scaffolding seen at large music festivals, to collage and pencil pieces depicting children trashing an office building. In 'Study for the Bronzing of a Stadium-Sized Grateful Dead Audience from 1995', Rodriguez uses a photo of the massive crowd at an outdoor Grateful Dead concert and silhouettes the mob in gold sharpie, transforming them into an amorphous golden glob.

Rodriguez has been included in the group shows, Vultures (Manic, Oakland 2009), California Biennial (2008), Psych R & R (Berkeley Art Museum, 2007), and Yellow (Fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 2008). He is recipient of the Erin Kluk Memorial Award, Yozo Hamaguchi Printmaking Award, and the Barclay Simpson Award.

323 782 9221