Friday, 31 July 2009

if you're free and would like some nature...

if you're free on Sunday, August 9th from midday til dusk...

HungaMunga are hosting a day of acoustic music and natural arts and crafts in the East Reservoir Community Garden,

Live music will be played in the Bird Hide to help raise some money for this lovely wildlife centre. There'll also be drawing, painting, clay-modelling and collage-making, birdbox-making, pond-life drawing and the construction of a wildlife habitat wall.

There'll also be food and non-alcoholic drinks available but if you prefer your own treats, they're welcome too!

I'll be playing at around 5pm and other folks playing are ; Tristram, Brody and Quint, Off Ground Touch, Rebecca Jade, Kari Kleiv and Joe Buzfuz...

numbers will be limited to 50 places and can be booked in advance for £6 from here :-

The music will start at around 2pm and it'll be open from 12 and will go on till it gets too dark

We must be respectful of the wildlife and leave the place as we found no smoking and be sure to pick up your rubbish

All profits from this event will go to the London Wildlife Trust

it should be a lovely day!

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