Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Whispertown - population 2000


I hope a lovely bank holiday was spent...

Here is part one of an interview with Whispertown 2000 - be sure to give 'em a listen if you haven't already!


Alessi: Hello! I hope you’re comfortable wherever you are. Are you sitting or standing at the moment?

WT2000: Tod’s on his 28th hour of driving, sitting comfortably, Casey’s sitting shotgun, not that comfortably with his new accordian, Vanessa’s very comfortable in the back with her blankets skanky baby and christmas felice, drinking a real man’s redbull and I am comfortable, yes, thank you.

How has your summer been?

WT2000: We’ve spent most of this summer traveling all over the world, having a great time playing music. The few weeks we were home, Casey’s was surfing, Tod was touring with Maria Taylor and Azure Ray, Vanesa was befriending international babes and I was swimming.

Your album is one of my favourites. Do you have a favourite song on there?

WT2000: Thank you, Alessi! We love your music and also your personality. Our current favorite is ‘Done With Love’.

The lyrics are especially special and cover all sorts of ground. Is there a time in particular that words come to you? Do they come on the move, in your car, while you’re cooking?

WT2000: Vanesa says “the lyrics come to me through morgan”. The lyrics often come while I’m driving. Mostly in the moments I have to myself without distraction. And like most things, often when I least expect them. These moments are revealing.

Do you think your album has a smell? My nose picks up on trees, vanilla, sea water and sunscreen. Am I close?

WT2000: Yes, you’ve hit it on the nose. Those nice scents in addtion to patchouli, chili, starburstand coconut water. Casey only likes your choices and disagrees with the rest of us..

How did you meet up and start playing together?

WT2000: We met at Uni. You know, at Oxford. Nahh, we met through friends and turned to family.

What is your favourite dessert?

WT2000: Vaness loves creme brule. The Caseman loves pumpkin pie. I love berries the most and Tod more enjoys a savory variety.

How does one visit Whispertown? By plane, train or automobile?

WT2000: By submarine rocketship hovercraft… or rollerblades.

Is the population 2000?

WT2000: Yes. 2000 strong and growing.

What are you doing for the rest of the day?

WT2000: With any luck we’ll make it back to LA! Our last show with The Breeders was in Ohio.. we’ve been driving for days straight! Vanessa says she’ll be staying up late since she just drank a real man’s Red Bull.

hope you had fun reading!

Part two will be up tomorrow here and on www.musosguide.com



Robin said...

Lovely. Have never thought about albums having a smell. I wonder what say Abba or Motorhead albums would smell of ?

Maybe see you @ Bestival or @ Southsea Fest Alessi, I'm DJing in some secret location for Southsea Fest apparently !

Alessi's Ark said...

oh wow - hopefully see you at one of those!

hmm, not sure what abba would smell like...metallica might be liquorice or aniseed?

keep well!

KtShortcake said...

So glad I've found your blog!

I stumbled across your album a few months ago, it's utterly gorgeous and very addictive!! I feel it smells of fresh washing, cut grass and the beach in the rain! :)

Hugs and support,