Thursday, 9 July 2009

are you looking for presents? looking for jewels?

Have a look here! handmade goods for you and you!!

and recommended by Miss Twit

'Bonbi Forest is a wonderful and eccentric little shop with many sweet and quirky little treats, from trees with wheels and cross stitch necklases - there's deffinantly something to put a warm and loving smile apon your face.'


~Haru* said...

I love your music and I got here because of your myspace! and I just fell in love with the cute handmade goods this girl creates :D
I'm from Chile, and the Milk Carton brooch just reminded me of a girl from my country who does a similar work...

Her creations are just amazing :)
Best wishes from the south!


Alessi's Ark said...

Hello dear!

so glad you like these bits and pieces and thank you for the lovely link!


keep well, glad you found the music!!