Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Old Times

this is beautiful!

As are this band, Whispertown 2000



Anonymous said...

You have such wonderful music taste! Whispertown2000 are fantastic, Swim was one of my favourites this year. I've only ever met one other person in London who knows and loves Whispertown. I messaged the band on myspace and Morgan says they'll hopefully come play here next year. This makes me so unbelievably excited. Also, I saw you play at the Wilmington Arms, and your Neva Dinova cover was amazing, I wasn't expecting it. Can't wait to hear you play again.

Alessi's Ark said...

oh darnit i only just saw this message, i'm sorry i haven't written back sooner!

please do say hello if you come down to another show, i'm ever so excited to have found another whispertown2000/Neva listener!