Friday, 12 December 2008

Julie Vermeille

Julie is a very special she talks about her work and her link is at the very bottom if you'd like to get in touch with her or see more of her creations...

" My work is based on ink drawings. I like the fluidity of the medium, the surprises that comes of the shapes laid on the paper. I like the idea of things happening a little by chance.

From my drawings emerged creatures;"Woodies", half animals by the shape, half men by the behaviour. I worked on a series and developed onto the idea of making a book of "adventures" where those woodies will live in. I so am constantly working on the world that would surround, feed and occupy the Woodies. A world of vegetal and other animals. A children's book for Adults. Strictly made of images and no words, because the importance of spaces of the shapes and characters in the page is really important to me, "how it breathes". Also I would like not to give guidance to the viewer on how to look at the book with words, but the drawings should be enough to suggest a narrative.

Music is a great source of inspiration, because of its intangible aspect which leaves us with all the freedom to create images out of sounds. I also get inspired by children's book because of their creativity, freedom on shape, material, texture and format. I am fascinated by patterned fabric, they are a great source of inspiration for the flowery, vegetal side of my images. They have the reassuring quality of childhood.I also used them as part of collages. The fabrics are also inspirational through "folklore", often colourful patterns have been created for especially made clothes to represent a nation, a group of people, This is very exciting to the eye and imagination.

I also have used the thread a lot in my work as a symbol of time, relation between one space to another, closeness, tightness as well as breakage and knots and the use of fabric and linear drawings are a combination of those aspects. I am actually working on a series of books based on fairy tales, because those got the two aspects I am interested in; an ambiguity of two worlds; the Children 's one and the adult one ... A story written for children but with hiding darker meanings, helping the process of growing up. If we ever have to ... "

Born in France in 1981, Julie Vermeille moved to England in 1999. She studied a BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at the London College of Printing and graduated in 2004 from a BA (hons) in Illustration in Camberwell College of Arts ( both in London). She has been part of the Craft Central Designer network since 2007 and as well as producing her own hand bound books she has worked for Creaturemag magazine and had her creations published in a Fil Rouge Press book.

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