Sunday, 8 February 2009

Over The Hill Stills

Press your mouse on the photo below for some intriguing shots from a new video coming soon for 'Over The Hill'. watch this space...

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Anonymous said...


my name is Marcos Xi, I'm from Brazil and I just fell in love with your music right from the first time I heard it!
I must be honest and tell you that I had the chance to know your work downloading your debut album (wich is divine!) on the internet.
Well, I have this blog ( or that covers all news on the music world, with news, interviews, reviews , this kind of stuff and I also recommend things I've heard. Acctually, when your album got available on the internet and I got the chance to hear it, you went straight to the list of Best Albums Of January and I've also reviewed your album. So I'd really appreciate if could answer the following questions so I can publish this little interview on my blog. This will help to share your music with the brazilian fans.

Alessi, when did you start to play and compose? How is the composition process?

Who are your favorite artists and influences?

Do you think people underestimate you because of your young age?

You’ve dropped the studies in order to dedicate to music, promissing you parents that if music didn’t work, you would return to college. Are you afraid that music doesn’t make right?

Were you afraid to sign with a major record label?

I’ve heard your album had musical arrangements, including Harp and orchestras, and you always sing with the guitar alone on the stage. Do you intend to record an album starting to use a band with you?

Who is the owner of the beautiful voice that accompanies you on the video clip "The Horse", that is on your Youtube channel?

Here in Brazil we have a singer called Mallu Magalhães, she’s 16 and plays a sound similar to yours. She became known on the internet very quickly. Besides her, others young singers around the world are making fascinating music. Do you think this movement is temporary or it will establish as a trend?

What do you know of Brazilian music? Is there anything you like?

It seems incredible, but you already have some fans in Brazil. Any message for them?

Hope to hear more of your music.
I'd like to keep in touch and, please, send me your answers to

Thank you for your time,
Marcos Xi

Ps: I've sent this to your blog, myspace and youtube channel. I didn't know what was the best option, sorry!