Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The art of Andrew Schoultz

I first came across Andrew's artwork on a postcard in a parcel from a friend. It really stood out to me and here's some of his work below, i hope it plucks at your mind strings too....

The drawings, murals, and installations by San Francisco artist Andrew Schoultz (1975) are populated by symbolic figures that recall past eras and cultures. Armored horses with banners burst through the image, and Mongolian warriors conjure up notions of the overly powerful, strangely misplaced in time, in a world full of smokestacks scattered among simple log cabins, pylons, and fragmenting nature.

Schoultz develops his works out of the problems of modern, consumer-oriented life. In using his murals to work with either public space or the art space, he tries to trigger processes of association and thought that in no way require a corporate identity, but instead offer the viewer a wide-open field. Schoultz attempts to awaken in the viewer a consciousness based upon an individual sensibility for a responsible treatment of natural life, in order to (re)activate knowledge about nature in our present, culturally characterized time. - The Koln Show

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